Last Minutes Order?
You were tight up in meeting, Your boss wanted to organize a last minutes seminar and you need to find giveaways at the last minutes ?…
We have gathered a collection of gifts that will help you cope with the highest pressures… We can deliver giveaways from within 2 to 4 days !..
So, in rush? Please call us +632 8929685.
For further question, please contact us through email: info(at)
Or call our Hotline +632 8929685

Order Online
We are indeed a brick and mortar company supplying into corporate giveaways…
But we have decided to make use of the Internet to better serve you. Once you have logged in, we will be able to visit our browse all our catalog. The pricing is individualized depending on the previous transactions you have had with us. The more you have purchased from us, the better you pricing will be, and the more you accumulate "Loyalty Points". We value your patronage and wanted to show it… If you know us well, you can trust to place an order on-line as you would with our Sales Executives… Should you prefer to have a visit of an Account Executive, please call us.
On-line or In Person, our quality of service will remain of highest standard. Our people are courteous and efficient.
For further question, please contact us through email:
Or call our Hotline +632 8929685

Packing and Packaging Services
Your order of giveaways come already packed in a standard PE bag individually wrapped, and delivered well packed.
Should you wish to enhance your packaging, we offer both packaging products and packaging services along with your order. Kindly note that we do not offer packaging products or services for products that are not ordered from us.
Packaging Products are delivered as is, separately and the options are :
Choice of 6 different design of giftwraps
a. ) Personalized (company logo) giftwrap (5000 sheets minimum)
b. ) Personalized box (with gold or silver foil stamping)
c. )Ribbons with company logo
d. )Stickers (one color printing)
Packaging Services :
On top of the packaging, we can wrap your order using the packaging you have purchased from us. This handling charge is set at 5 pesos per items. We only offer this service for orders placed with us, and do not handle external services.
You may choose on-line the options in the catalog under "PACKAGING" section. Should you have any question..
Please call our Hotline +632 8929685

Outsourced Delivery of gifts 

Upon request (extra charges apply), we can help you deliver your order in multi-location directly to your warehouses, your clients, your subsidiaries, your partners, etc... All the products you ordered from us directly to its destination, bypassing one big inefficient and time/space consuming step. Quality Control is possible prior to dispatch. 

Tailor Made Products
Many of the giveaways offered in this catalog are ready as is. However, should you need gifts for a particular project, of a specific size, color, or for a specific use, we will be more than happy to execute your product requirement. We will be visiting you at your convenient time (within 48 hours).
Please just let us know.
Dial our hotline : +632 8929685
We manufacture most of the item such as bags, leather goods, woods items, garments, etc…