What is the process for buying a giveaways : 

1 - Budget approach : 

A certain budget it given to create a certain event and targeted to a certain group of people. We then will submit various options to fit that budget and target objective. Client will chose the most appropriate campaign. 

2 - Product approach : 

A product or several products have been identified for a marketing campaign. According to the specifications we will then choose the cheapest suitable products for that project. 

Can you send sample ? 

- Yes, an initial sample or product is shown for the evaluation of the client. If the client likes the product, then a formal quotation is submitted, the client signs the PO (Purchase Order) we then produce the sample with the printing of the item for final approval, then production will start upon approval. Production is delivered again payment of balance. 

Why do you need downpayment ? 

- Because the whole production is made according to the client's specific requirements with the client's logo. The products therefore can not be resold to any other company.